This project is no longer being worked on and will not be developed further. This was our first proper game (made in a game jam in just 1 week!) and was a lot of fun to make, but the code is quite janky and broken, and is simply too annoying to maintain.

Welcome to Cafe Tycoon!

In Cafe Tycoon, you have the chance to design your own Cafe, and update it to get more customers and make as much money as you can!

The game is currently in the early stages of development, and we have a stable release available for you all to play!

This game was made for Weekly Game Jam #159, and we will continue to update this into the future.

How do I play?

You need to build a checkout and some tables with your beginning balance of £1,000 - and then wait for the money to roll in!

Planned improvements:

- Allowing you to upgrade the Cafe to a larger space

- Adding more types of furniture and decorations

- Allowing you to upgrade your checkout and have more than 1 checkout.

- Marketing system to get more customers

- Adding a drive through.

The Team:

The game is developed by a group of 3 friends who chill on Discord and moan about Unity Collab being really annoying and breaking our game!

skunkdonkey - Graphic/model designer, does a bit of basic scripting and also the one who replies to all your comments.

LeavingELF0189 - Works mostly on the building system but also does some other scripts.

"The Senate" - Works on the income system and the customer AI.


We are currently not aware of any bugs, so please let us know if you find any!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsskunkdonkey, LeavingELF0189
Made withUnity
Tagscafe, Management, money, Tycoon


PC_CafeTycoon 23 MB

Development log


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lol game fps so lag

i found a bug were instead of showing the side during the shopping part it showed the top

lol that happend to me too





whoops I accidentally sold the checkout and can't place a new one


Useless!! You can make money with 1 table or 3 tables. Way to simple and not at all realistic. Also the level upgrade after $1k was useless and did nothing except spend all the money I had earned. Music was very annoying! Sorry, but I won't be playing it again.

Hey, like I said before awesome game, If you want I could help with the development of it, (I'v worked with UI in unity before). Just don't give up on the project, I think that an update will keep people attached to the game/keep coming back.


Hey man! Great game guys! I like what you guys build there, especially since I really like tycoon games. I wanted to do one too for this game jam, but I thought it would be maybe a bit too much work. I ended up making a coffee making simulator thing, you may want to check it out:

Feedback for your game: I figured out that you can rotate things with R in the comments. Definitly add that somewhere, since it is intuitive in a game, but you can never know what features are implemented in a game jam. 

I really like the transition between build and customer mode. In general I think this game would look super nice in polished graphics! 

I think you did a really nice job in building around your core and I can see definitly see potential in this to be something pretty awesome of you continue it!


Hi there, thank you very much for your feedback! It definately was a lot of work for just 1 week!  I will be adding the controls to the UI in our next update, which will also fix some of the bugs you may have encountered in the current product. We will also be polishing the graphics a bit more and adding more things to place, as well as upgrades for more items. On a side note, I like the simplistic nature of your game and it is fun to play and get the coffee just right (the milk always gets me!), very good for just a week's work!

It's awesome that you guys managed to do this much in a week! As you said there are some bugs, but I'm sure they will be fixed. A couple things though, first off, I would add a delete and/or an undo button, that would do a lot for the game I think. Second, I would specify that you can rotate things you place using R, it took my a while to figure that out, and by then my cafe was poorly organized. Finally, as I see you are using Unity, don't use the default text. Text Mesh Pro can be easily used, and it looks so much nicer, also I would pick a different font than arial, it doesn't look the greatest in my opinion. But, overall great game! I look forward to seeing the full release! Here's my game feel free to check that out :)

Thanks very much for the feedback! We are adding a delete button in the next update, which will also fix many of the bugs found in this original release. Also, thanks for that complete UI oversight of not showing the controls... oops! I'll take the responsibility for that one haha. We will also be working on making the UI look nicer, over the next few updates. On a side note, I played your game Covid Cafe yesterday and it is a very good concept (especially in the current times) and you've done a very good job with just a week to develop!

Thank you so much! This was my second game jam, so I'm happy with what the finished product looked like, good luck with this game!

The game itself is really promising and we're looking forward seeing all the improvements planned, also you can even go crazier with the colors, make something really radical :).

Congrats to you guys since it's your first entry, keep up the good work!

Don't hesitate to try our entry for the theme as well, we'd love to read some feedback! 



Hi there, thanks so much for the feedback and so glad you enjoyed - I've already played Chez Manu and its unbelievable you guys made that in just a week, really good job from you guys!


very good game .

i wish there was more to it and more objects to buy.


Hi there, glad you enjoy it! We will be working on adding more objects and making build mode better.

Yeah that will be so nice. Bcz the game have a good potential 


This game isn't as bad as I thought it was. Although, I wish there was a way to undo the action of placing a table or a checkout in the cafe. Other than that (and the other bugs mentioned on the page), I think it's decent.


Hi, thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! We are working to fix these bugs asap and have plans to add a delete mode very soon, just needed to release in time for the jam as we are all busy today.



Awesome, I would add some custom GUI & and the ability to slow down time mid day. Otherwise awesome. I would want to make a game like it!

Bug: If you place 2 checkout's no one enters the store.


Hi there, thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoy the game, we will be limiting the checkouts to one for the moment in the next update and I will suggest the ability to slow down/speed up time to the team, however I dont expect this will be priority right now. Thanks again!

K, can't wait for the update!